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1. Access

All spectators, regardless of age, must be in possession of a valid ticket or invitation.

No other person is allowed to enter the establishment.

Animals, except in exceptional cases, are not allowed.

No children under the age of three are allowed in the establishment for any show, except for children’s shows, for which children under the age of one are not allowed to enter, and no refunds are possible.

Persons under 16 years of age may not enter the establishment unless accompanied by an adult, and no refunds are possible. Only minors between the ages of 14 and 16 will be allowed to enter the hall, upon a parental authorization.

Spectators who have entered the establishment and whose tickets have been checked at the entrance can only leave permanently, except in cases of force majeure.

When entering and exiting, all members of the public must comply with the instructions of the reception and security staff. L’Olympia reserves the right to refuse access to people under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs or to anyone behaving inappropriately.

Spectators are required to follow the instructions on their tickets.

Latecomers can only head to their seat during an interval in the performance. Access to their seats can no longer be guaranteed once the main artist has taken the stage.


2. Box office

The purchase of your ticket implies your adherence to the rules and regulations of L’Olympia, which are displayed at the entrances and available on the website. It also implies adherence to the internal regulations of the event organizer, when applicable. The enforceability and adherence of these rules oblige the client/spectator to comply with all the provisions of the internal rules.

Any person who does not comply with these rules and regulations may be refused entry or expelled from the site without any right to a refund. The same applies in the event of non-compliance with the specific measures taken by the organizer.

The presentation of a thermal ticket or a clear e-ticket is mandatory to enter the venue.

Ticket photos and screenshots are not allowed.

Lost or stolen tickets will not be refunded.

Presentation of a ticket purchased on the street or on any resale website does not guarantee access to the venue.


3. Safety and regulations

In general, the events take place under the sole responsibility of the organizer.

For sanitary or security reasons, the spectator may be required to comply with a control or a physical check and/or a visual inspection of his luggage (see the rules of the venue) by authorized security agents at the entrance of the venue. Access will not be granted to persons refusing to submit to these imposed measures, without any possible refund.

Any object likely to be used as a projectile, to constitute a weapon or to endanger the safety of the public (in particular: pyrotechnic articles, knives and sharp or blunt objects, plastic and glass bottles) or which does not respect the safety standards in force is prohibited within the establishment.

If the owner of an unauthorized object refuses to get rid of it, he/she will be denied access to the hall, also without refund.

Objects whose possession or carrying is forbidden on the public highway (weapons, narcotics…), cannot be deposited in the locker. Their discovery may be may be reported to the police.

It is not possible to enter the establishment with alcoholic drinks.

As part of the Vigipirate plan “Reinforced security – risk of attack”, small and large luggage are forbidden in the hall.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the establishment, including electronic cigarettes, under penalty of immediate and definitive expulsion, with no refund possible.

The consumption of narcotics is also prohibited.

Banners/flags of any size and nature, documents and leaflets are prohibited.

Badges, insignias and symbols of a racist or xenophobic nature will not be accepted at the entrance of the hall.

Fire alarms may only be activated if necessary. Any abuse will be punished.

Any person who has an attitude that could be detrimental to the smooth running of the show and the comfort of the audience will be immediately evacuated from the hall, without any refund.

In the event of direct or indirect damage inflicted on L’Olympia, the latter will be held liable under civil or criminal law.


4. Other cases

The use of cell phones in the hall, during the show, may be prohibited by decision of the organizer.

Any promotional action, distribution of leaflets or objects inside and around the establishment must be granted permission.

Any use of the electrical network of the hall by a spectator is forbidden.

Cameras are not allowed without prior authorization.

In case of audiovisual recording of the show, spectators will be informed in advance that their image may be recorded.

In the event of cancellation of an event, refunds will be given in accordance with the organizer’s guidelines and will be made by the point of sale.

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