Our partners

  • Crédit Mutuel (T)

    Partner of all music and talents for over 20 years, Crédit Mutuel is proud to support L’Olympia, an iconic stage in the French music scene, to make music fans and artists vibrate! Built on the values of sharing, solidarity, and universality, Crédit Mutuel sets the tone for your most beautiful musical emotions and proudly declares this commitment on its music platform, RIFFX by Crédit Mutuel. Join the community of music lovers and creators, and enjoy exclusive news and great deals!

  • Brasseries Kronenbourg, Partenaire de L'Olympia

    French brewer in Alsace since 1664, Kronenbourg SAS is the historical partner and exclusive beer supplier of the biggest live music events in France. Kronenbourg SAS offers its customers a portfolio of diversified brands, with and without alcohol: Kronenbourg, Tigre Bock, 1664, Grimbergen, Carlsberg, Skoll, Tourtel Twist,...

  • Tsarine

    Chanoine Frères Champagne House created Tsarine champagnes as a tribute to active, contemporary, and daring women who, with their character, courage, and enthusiasm, push boundaries and challenge conventions. Designed like a perfume, Tsarine champagnes are showcased in a unique and recognizable bottle.
    The trinitarian blend of the three Champagne grape varieties produces balanced and harmonious champagnes that exude finesse, elegance, and freshness.

  • Chateau Guiteronde

    Château Guiteronde dates back to the 17th century. Our magnificent charterhouse was built by the Order of the Annonciades, who cultivated the lands for several centuries. The 13-hectare vineyard has been certified organic since 2021, reflecting a strong commitment to traditional vine cultivation and respect for our products. The vineyard is located just a few meters from the Garonne River, which helps maintain the freshness and minerality of our soils, characteristics that can be found in our white and rosé wines. 2018 also marked the creation of a wine tourism center to welcome visitors and offer tours and tastings. Our collaboration with L'Olympia is a great opportunity to introduce our wines, which are synonymous with sharing, conviviality, and relaxation!

  • Logo Chateau La Rose Pourret

    Château La Rose Pourret, certified in Organic Agriculture, produces an elegant and expressive red wine in Saint Emilion Grand Cru. After extensive renovation work, the estate welcomes visitors in a charming setting, amidst the vineyards and at the gates of the medieval town of Saint Emilion. Our wine tourism offering allows us to introduce you to the specialties of our region, as a beautiful bottle is further enhanced when accompanied by a reference dish. Our collaboration with L'Olympia reflects our desire to share the essence of a symbolic land, recognized for its authenticity and the excellence of its wines!

  • Evian

    Crafted through over 15 years of filtration in the heart of the Alps, evian natural mineral water comes to us just as nature offers it: untreated chemically, unaltered, naturally pure.
    In April 2020, evian products were globally certified as "carbon neutral" by Carbon Trust. Our bottling site is powered by 100% renewable energy. 50% of our products leave our bottling site by train from our private station, resulting in a carbon footprint 10 times lower than that of trucks.
    Our ambition is to make evian a 100% circular brand, as demonstrated by evian Nude, the first evian bottle without a label, made from 100% recycled PET (R-PET).

  • Andros, Partenaire de L'Olympia

    Andros is a French family-owned company based since the beginning in the heart of the Dordogne valley.

    Our objective is to offer the best, the pleasure of the fruit, through OUR 4 COMMITMENTS :

    1. To respect the true taste of the fruit
    2. To make the fruit accessible
    3. Using fruit as a creative resource
    4. Acting as a responsible and committed French family business

    It is because fruit is essential, because it reinforces the vital energy we all need, that Andros makes it so tasty, so accessible and so easy to eat.

    Andros, the strength of fruit!

  • Playstation

    About Sony Interactive Entertainment.
    Recognized as a global leader in interactive digital entertainment, Sony Interactive Entertainment is responsible for the PlayStation® brand and its dedicated products and services. Innovation has always been at the core of the PlayStation brand since 1994, with a product family that includes PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®VR 2, PlayStation™Store, PlayStation®Plus, and games developed by PlayStation Studios.

  • Coca Cola

    The Coca-Cola system is represented by two companies, two distinct and independent groups that closely collaborate. On one side, there is The Coca-Cola Company, which targets consumers and defines the development strategy for its brands. On the other side, there is Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, which produces, distributes, and markets Coca-Cola products. Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) is the world's largest independent bottler of Coca-Cola. It is a dedicated team of 33,200 employees present in 29 countries, including France. Coca-Cola Europacific Partners France handles the manufacturing, commercialization, and distribution of beverages from The Coca-Cola Company (including Coca-Cola Original Taste with or without sugar, Coca-Cola Light, Sprite, Fanta, Fuze Tea, Minute Maid, Powerade, Smartwater, and Tropico), as well as the distribution of partner brands such as Ocean Spray, Capri-Sun, and Monster in France. CCEP has been present in France since 1919, with the ambition of becoming the preferred supplier to our customers while integrating our activities at the heart of French territories. 90% of our beverages consumed in France are produced in France, in our 5 factories located in Clamart, Grigny, Marseille, Toulouse, and Dunkirk, where we have invested over 230 million euros in the past 5 years. We also have a recycling center located in Beaune: Infineo, which covers 100% of the recycled PET needs of our factories in France. With a turnover of nearly 1.8 billion euros, CCEP France is truly an actor deeply rooted in French territories, as 8 out of 10 households consume our products. It is also the leading sales force in the agri-food industry (with approximately 800 employees) with nearly 400,000 points of sale in France. All the brands distributed by CCEP offer a wide variety of flavors and formats suitable for each consumption occasion throughout the day.

  • Harley

    L’Olympia thanks Harley-Davidson.

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